Hi, I'm Paul Kendall, a retired accountant. I write books for a living, primarily to keep the wolves from the door. Mostly, my books are financial based, but to amuse myself, and keep myself sane, I am currently penning a travelogue, 'The Best Bacon Butty In Cumbria', and a number of children's books. If you wish to find out more I have included an update in my blog. My books are particularly of relevance to young people, new business owners, stroke survivors, dentists, children and anyone who has difficulty sleeping.
As you can see, my books cover a wide range of topics, a number of which I have a detailed personal knowledge of. Below you can find a sample of my books.
As I'm based in the UK my books have a UK slant.
Read my blog for details of my books in progress

If you've had a stroke, or know someone who has, get this book!

NHS Stroke Support Team


Offers a lot of useful information - The author is exceptionally qualified to write this handbook.

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