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The first four books, below, I have completed, and are available for sale on Amazon. By clicking on the BUY IT link you should be forwarded direct to the Amazon site. 
You've had a stroke - The essential recovery handbook


This book provides advice on how to make a successful physical recovery from a stroke, and, given that over half of all stroke survivors suffer financial hardship, gives further advice on how to deal with the impact that the stroke has had on the family finances.

The book includes advice on dealing with all the emotional difficulties that a stroke can bring with it. The stroke survivor, and their family need to read this book to prepare themselves for the battle ahead.

The New Entrepreneur's Guide To Setting Up And Running A Successful Business


This is the book you wiil need if you are considering setting up your own business. It is aimed at the new business owner who has a lot of questions to ask. It has been written by a successful business owner, and provides advice on what, and what not, to do.

While it is not intended to be a global reference book, it does provide the reader with practical answers to the issues that they will come across everyday, and includes examples of successes, and failures, from both the US and UK perspectives.

Finance for Dentists - The Essential Handbook


This book has been written with the dentist, or orthodontist, considering setting up in practice in mind. It includes details of all the issues that they may come across, and will equip them with the knowledge needed to take an active role in their own finances.

Many dentists receive little formal training in finance, and can often miss out on extra profits and tax savings, or become reliant upon accountants and financial advisers who lack dental expertise.

The book may also be of interest to dentists employed in hospitals and other organisations within the NHS.

The Best Bacon Butty in Cumbria
This book is a travelogue of Cumbria, which discovers a lot of its hidden history, and tells of visits to places that are not on the usual Cumbrian tourist map. Discover where a seventeen foot giant has been buried, and how to be knighted on Piel Island. Find out whether you're related to the lawless , murderous Reivers.
Don't expect the Cumbria of Ruskin, Wordsworth or Beatrix Potter


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