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Update on books in progress

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I am currently working on a finance book for young people, which was to be called 'Finance for Millennials', this book is morphing into a weighty tome, and will be re-titled 'The young person's complete guide to money - the essentials'.

There is a lot more work needed to complete this book, which will be my final financial book.

I am also working on a series of children's picture books, which are all written in verse, to provide children with introduction to basic poetry. The first 'Annie - the happiest girl in the world' is near to completion, and will be published shortly.

I have the cover for the 'Annie' book completed, and am waiting for the sketches to be coloured.

It is planned that this book will be followed by 'Augustus - the fastest boy in the world', 'Sonny - the hottest boy in the world', 'Frankie, from Shap, and her magic friend', and finally, 'Poppy - the naughtiest puppy in the world'.

Whilst writing these children's books I have re-awakened my adult poetry skills, and am currently putting the finishing touches to 'Alan Sugar isn't sweet, don't put it in your tea!'

I have had this spell of creativity as I have taken a break from writing 'The best bacon butty in Cumbria' for personal reasons. As you can see from an earlier posting, I have now resumed work on that book.

I have the cover for the 'bacon' book already designed.

Not bad from someone who's retired!

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